The ICoC

The ICoCA Board of Directors held a meeting in Geneva from 10-12 February 2014. Please find the minutes here.

As of 08 April 2014, 157 Private Security Service Providers have joined the ICoC Association.

The ICoCA Board of Directors held a meeting in Montreux from 9-10 December 2013. Please find the minutes here.


Norway joined the ICoCA as a government member.







The International Code of Conduct for Private Security service Providers


Articles of Association


How to become member of the ICoC Association?



The ICoC Association comprises 6 States, 150 Companies, and 13 Civil Society Organizations

The Geneva-based ICoC Association is an independent non-profit association under Swiss law. The overarching purpose of the Association is to promote the responsible provision of private security services and respect for human rights and national and international law by exercising independent governance and oversight of the ICoC. Under the Articles of Association, the ICoCA has three main functions, namely certification of private security service providers, monitoring their activities, and maintaining a complaints process for alleged victims of ICoC violations.


The ICoC Association is a multi-stakeholder initiative uniting private security service providers, states, and civil society organizations. The Association was established in September 2013.



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