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Apply for ICoCA Certification

The following questions and answers will guide a Member Company step-by-step through the ICoCA Certification process.


1. Is the Member Company eligible for ICoCA Certification?


In order to apply for ICoCA Certification, Member Companies need to fulfil the following conditions:


  • Be certified to one of the following ICoCA recognised standards: PSC.1, ISO 18788, or ISO 28007;
  • Having obtained the certification from an independent accredited Certification Body (CB). Currently, only the following independent accredited Certification Bodies are certifiying to Board recognised standards:


                             - To PSC.1: IntertekIQ VerifyMSS Global;

                             - To ISO 18788: Intertek, IQ VerifyMSS Global

                             - To ISO 28007: LRQAMSS Global.


To ensure that the certification issued is valid, you can either ask the Certification Body about their certificate of accreditation from UKAS or ANAB to the specific standard you are seeking, or ask the Secretariat for additional information.


2. What information and documentation should Member Companies provide to apply for ICoCA Certification?


Please use one of the following forms to guide you through the Certification application:



Each application form provides guidance on which additional information and documentation the Member Company must provide to illustrate its compliance with the Code. This includes:


  1. The certificate, and all its annexes and appendices if applicable; the full initial audit report  (Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit reports) and most recent surveillance report(s) (NB: If required for reasons of contractual confidentiality, please provide a written explanation for any redactions in the reports); and the related corrective active plan;
  2. The company’s Human Rights Risk and Impact Assessment model or process;
  3. Other additional information identified by the Board to be able to assess whether a company's systems and policies meet the requirements of the Code (described in Annex B of the respective Recognition Statements for PSC.1, ISO 18788 and ISO 28007). Please refer to the relevant application form and guidance document for PSC.1, ISO 18788 and ISO 28007


3. How should an application for ICoCA Certification be submitted and how much does it cost?


There is no charge for ICoCA Certification in addition to regular annual Membership dues. However, please keep in mind that Member Companies need to cover their own costs related to their third-party certification to a recognised standard by an accredited independent Certification Body.


In order to ensure the security of all data submitted, the completed application must be sent in paper form and/or copied on to a USB flash drive or CD ROM, enclosed in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential, Certification Material,” and sent via DHL, FedEx, or other courier service to: ICoCA Secretariat, WMO, 7bis Avenue de la Paix, Geneva 1202 – Switzerland


Please note that the Secretariat does not send confidential or sensitive information via email.


Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat with any questions at


4. What is the review process after submission of the ICoCA Certification application?


1. Once a completed application is received, the Secretariat will confirm reception;


   2. The Secretariat then reviews a Member Company’s application;


      3. Once the application has been reviewed, the Secretariat may request further clarification or documentation;


         4. Once the Secretariat has determined that the application is complete, their recommendation with a summary of                the application (excluding any confidential information) will be shared with the ICoCA Board of Directors;


               5. The ICoCA Board of Directors may request further details, and then vote to approve or reject the application                         for ICoCA Certification.


Provided that the Member Company answers in a timely manner to the request for additional information or clarification, the Secretariat anticipates that the entire process may take up to one or two months until a final decision is taken.