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Eligibility for ICoCA Certification

In order to apply for ICoCA Certification, Member companies need to be certified to one of the following ICoCA-recognized standards by an independent accredited certification body[1]:


  • PSC1 
  • ISO 28007
  • ISO 18788

More information about the recognized standards


What the application should include

The following documentation and information must be provided as part of the application for ICoCA Certification:


To apply, please complete the application form  for the relevant standard. This form includes details for all of the information and documentation that you will need to submit:



The application documents include guidance, providing directions and clarification on ICoCA Certification for companies certified to each of the recognized standards. In particular, they give explanations and examples of documentation that the companies need to provide as part as their application.


Some information is requested for all companies applying to ICoCA Certification, irrespective of their third-party certification:


  • Proof of independent third-party certification to one or more of the recognized standards, by an independent accredited[1]: certification body:
    • Certificate, with all Annexes and Appendices
    • Full audit report from the accredited certification body
    • Most recent surveillance report(s) (If required for reasons of contractual confidentiality, please provide a written explanation for any redactions in the reports.
    • Corrective active plan, if required by the Certification Body, and details of follow up
  • The company’s Human Rights Risk Assessment model or process.


Other additional information identified by the Board to be able to assess whether a company's systems and policies meet the requirements of the Code (described in Annex B to the Recognition Statement for each standard). Please refer to the relevant guidance document.


The certification process


  • Once a completed application is received, the Secretariat will endeavor to respond to a Member company’s application within two weeks.
  • Once the application has been reviewed, the Secretariat may request further clarification or documentation.
  • Once the Secretariat has determined that the application is complete, their recommendation with a summary of the application (excluding any confidential information) will be passed to the ICoCA Board.
  • The ICoCA Board may request further details, and then vote to approve or reject the application for Certification.
  • The Member company will be informed of the decision, along with an explanation if the application is not accepted.


Submitting the application

Please note that the Secretariat does not send confidential or sensitive information via email.


There is no charge for ICoCA Certification, however Member companies will need to cover their own costs for third-party certification, by an accredited independent certification body, to an ICoCA-recognized standard.


In order to ensure the security of all data submitted, the completed application must be sent in paper form and/or copied on to a USB flash drive or CD ROM, enclosed in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential, Certification Material,” and sent via DHL, FedEx, or other courier service to:


          ICoCA Secretariat


          7bis Avenue de la Paix

          Geneva CH-1202



Contact information 

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat with any questions:


Essential documents



Additional resources

[1] The list of current independent accredited Certification Bodies are available for PSC.1; for ISO 28007 ; and for ISO 18788.  Additional information from  SCEG