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Why should my company become ICoCA Certified?


ICoCA Certification helps raise industry standards

ICoCA Certification demonstrates real commitment to the provision of responsible security that respects human rights and humanitarian law.


ICoCA Certification helps your company win business

ICoCA Membership, and in particular ICoCA Certification, is required or preferred by a growing number of organisations and governments in their bidding processes for private security contracts, including the U.S., U.K. and Switzerland, the UN, FIFA, Maersk and Philip Morris to name a few.


ICoCA Certification is a requirement of ICoCA Membership

Companies have two years from the date they join ICoCA to become ICoCA Certified.


Benefit from the support of ICoCA

All Members get access to information, updates, tools and guidance on implementing the Code of Conduct. ICoCA, as an Association, represents the interests of our Members in a variety of fora at national, regional and international levels.

How does my company become ICoCA Certified?


Provide proof that your company is certified to a standard recognised by ICoCA

External certification must be issued by an independent accredited Certification Body (see below). We currently recognise the following standards:

  • PSC.1 – U.S. standard for companies providing security services on land.
  • ISO 18788 – International standard for companies providing security services on land.
  • ISO 28007 – International standard for companies providing maritime security services.
  • Please note that ISO 9001 is NOT recognised by the Board as valid to apply for ICoCA Certification.


Provide additional information to demonstrate that your company meets the requirements of the Code.

The documentation you need to provide depends on which external certification standard you have obtained. Documentation required is listed in the following forms:

What else do I need to know?


Your company can join ICoCA without already being certified

You don’t need to become ICoCA Certified or have obtained external certification to first join the Association. All Member Companies are expected to obtain ICoCA Certification as soon as possible and no later than two years after they joined the Association. Members with certification are known as ‘ICoCA Certified Members’, Members without certification are known as ‘ICoCA Transitional Members’.


ICoCA Certification is quick and free of charge

Once your application is received, it usually only takes one or two months to receive the decision. There is no charge for ICoCA Certification. Please keep in mind that Member Companies need to cover their own costs related to their external certification. Transitional Members and ICoCA Certified Members pay the same dues and enjoy the same privileges.

Do you want to learn more?


Learn more about the:

Watch the webinar below: 'Achieving ICoCA Certification - Why the Investment?'

Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat with any questions at