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Since November 2016, the Association certifies Member Companies to the requirements of the Code by asking applicants to provide proof of their third-party certification to one of the ICoCA Board- recognised standards (PSC.1, ISO 18788 or ISO 28007). For each standard, the Board defined additional information relative to human rights and humanitarian law which is needed in order to assess whether a Company's systems and policies meet the requirements of the Code. 


To be valid, third-party certification should be issued by a Certification Body (CB) accredited by a National Accreditation Body member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF/MLA) to certify to one of the recognised standards.


Currently, only the following independent accredited Certification Bodies are certifying to Board recognised standards:



The Certification Procedure, which accomplishes the vision laid out in Article 11 of the Articles of Association and has been approved by the General Assembly in 2015, is available here. As foreseen under article 11.2.4 of the Articles of Association, the certification process operates in a manner that is complementary to, and not duplicative of, certification under Board-recognised national and international standards



Transitional Membership Process


All Member Companies are expected to obtain ICoCA Certification as soon as possible, i.e. no later than two years after 15 April 2018 or two years from the moment they join the Association.


Members that have already obtained ICoCA Certification are called “ICoCA Certified Members.” Companies that have yet to achieve ICoCA Certification are called “Transitional Members.” Transitional Members pay the same dues as ICoCA Certified Members and enjoy the same rights and privileges in the governance of the Association, including actively working towards and demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the Code, including the ongoing monitoring oversight activities of the ICoCA.


  • An overview of the Transitional Membership Process can be found here
  • The list of ICoCA Certified Members can be found here.


Benefits of ICoCA Certification


  • ICoCA Certification is a requirement of ICoCA Membership as provided in the ICoCA Certification Procedure and the Articles of Association.
  • ICoCA Certified Members benefit from the support of the ICoCA in complying with the requirements of the Code and in raising industry standards, through access to information, updates, tools and guidance on implementing the Code of Conduct.
  • A growing number of State and non-State clients are requiring ICoCA Membership or give preference to ICoCA Certified Members in their bidding processes.