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The ICoCA is responsible for certifying that Member Companies’ systems and policies meet the principles and standards of the Code. Before applying for ICoCA certification a Company is required to obtain third-party certification issued by an independent accredited Certification Body (CB). The following standards are accepted as a pathway to ICoCA Certification: PSC.1, ISO 18788 and ISO 28007.


Certification by the Association remains valid for a period of three years.




The ICoCA oversees Member & Affiliate Companies' compliance with the Code through regular reporting, monitoring and assessment of performance. Through a strong internal monitoring capacity, the ICoCA assesses Member & Affiliate Company performance through remote Monitoring, Company Self-Assessment Reporting, and Field-Based Reviews. In order to assess and promote Code compliance and continual improvement, the ICoCA also develops performance and compliance indicators in addition to tools and guidance on different Code requirements. The Procedures for Reporting, Monitoring and Assessing Performance and Compliance under Article 12 guide the ICoCA’s monitoring activities. These activities are closely coordinated and integrated with the Certification and Complaints core functions of the ICoCA.




The ICoCA receives and processes complaints of alleged violations of the Code by Member & Affiliate Companies. 


Where a complainant seeks support, the ICoCA may facilitate access to fair and accessible grievance procedures that may offer an effective remedy, including through the ICoCA’s own good offices. For Member & Affiliate Companies, the Association provides guidance on establishing and maintaining fair and accessible grievance procedures in compliance with the Code. The Procedures for Receiving and Processing Complaints under Article 13 guide the ICoCA’s Complaints activities. These activities are closely coordinated and integrated with the Monitoring core function of the ICoCA, particularly where a Member or Affiliate Company fails to comply with the Code or the Articles of Association.




The ICoCA supports its Members & Affiliates by providing guidance and training. This takes the form of guidance and training tools as well as in person training.


Frequently Asked Questions


For additional information about the Association and its functions, please consult the pages describing each function or the Frequently Asked Questions.