The ICoC Association is responsible for certifying that the systems and policies established by Member Companies of the Association meet the ICoC’s principles and standards, and that they are undergoing monitoring, auditing, and verification, including in the field. The procedures for certification are currently developed by the ICoCA.



As foreseen under article 11.2.4 of the Articles of Association, the certification process shall operate in a manner that is complementary to, and not duplicative of, certification under Board-recognized national and international standards. The Board has identified ANSI PSC.1-2012, ISO 18788:2015 and ISO 28000/PAS 28007 as the first two standards to be assessed for recognition in accordance with article 11 of the Articles of Association. This assessment includes specifying additional information relevant to the human rights and humanitarian impacts of operations necessary for assessing whether a company’s systems and policies meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct.