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Liste des affiliés

Mesopotamia Eagles Security (MES)


Mesopotamia Eagles for Security Services and General Safeguarding, Ltd. (MES) is a wholly owned Iraqi company established in 2009 as a member of Saraji Group.


As an indigenous company, our management team’s knowledge of local markets and their strong relationships within the area of operations allows us to adequately meet the various needs of our clients.


MES is staffed by a combination of Iraqi Nationals and foreign personnel. We have developed successful, strong relations with local communities. This allows our approach to not only be intelligence-led in terms of ongoing monitoring of the relevant security situation but also to have in-depth knowledge of operational area atmospherics. 


MES has built an extensive network with government offices and officials, which has paved the way for a culturally sensitive approach in which we conduct our security operations.


As a risk management specialist company, our multi-cultural staff ensures business continuity and has contributed to our client base growth. 


MES has and continues to support a large number of international companies within the Oil & Gas sector with Mobile and Static Guarding and is now moving towards other markets providing services within ports, airports and universities in Iraq as well as Government contracting. 


The company obtained Affiliate Status on 28 May 2020.


Visit the company's website here.

Protection Vessels International Ltd (PVI)


Piracy and maritime crime are an evolving and dynamic threat. They present complex problems with unique risks to ship owners, charterers, and international oil companies.  For nearly 10 years, PVI has enabled business in the maritime domain by helping our clients to create safe and secure working environments whilst minimising the impact on operations. We are a client-focused company offering best value end to end security risk management, protective and training services that exceed industry best practice.


The company obtained Affiliate Status on 3 June 2020.


Visit the company's website here.


Veterans Security Services Ltd (VSS)


Veterans Security Services Ltd. (VSS), have provided the highest standards of manned guarding and technical security services to clients across South Sudan since 2007. 


Over the past 12  years, VSS has developed a full understanding of the operational, logistical, cultural and security issues that exist in South Sudan, especially concerning the management of a large, local national workforce, and our management systems have evolved accordingly. VSS has a long-established headquarters and supporting infrastructure in Juba and supporting offices in Wau.


VSS is a fully registered and licensed South Sudan company with 51% South Sudanese shareholders, as required by law. We have good 

working relationships with the relevant government authorities and fully comply with the laws of South Sudan.


VSS is a subsidiary of Saladin Security Ltd. (est. 1978), a London based security company with global experience specializing in high risk environments.


The company obtained Affiliate Status on 28 January 2020. Visit the company's website here.